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The Huron Valley Promise

For Incoming Kindergarten Students

The Huron Valley Promise was created in 2009 by a group of area business, education, government and civic leaders dedicated to improving the future of all Huron Valley students and the Huron Valley community. It is a financial support system designed to initiate savings accounts to be used for post secondary education. It provides a one time grant toward the child's education. 

To be eligible, parents must have a child who is 6 years of age or younger entering the Huron Valley Schools District. The parents must open a 529 Michigan Education Savings Program account for their child with a $25 minimum deposit. Those that have applied will receive a $200 one time contribution from the Huron Valley Promise. (If the families have already started a 529 State Sponsored Savings Program they can receive a $100 grant). 

“Since the cost of college has tripled over the past two decades and vocational schools are becoming more costly and competitive, it can be very disheartening and in some cases appear impossible to provide this higher education.  The Huron Valley Promise provides parents the opportunity to make it happen and jump start their child’s education,” said Nancy Coratti, Superintendent of the Huron Valley Schools.

In 2017 thrity (30) grants were paid out to families.  "This year’s achievement of the record number of grants speaks to the efforts and dedication of the District, especially Dr Coratti and her team,” said Jack Shubitowski, President and CEO of Huron Valley State Bank and Huron Valley Promise member. “As a committee we are particularly pleased that we can make a difference in the future of so many children.”

For more information or to apply for a promise grant contact Sheri Miles at 248-922-6987 or visit

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