Switch Kit

Welcome to Huron Valley State Bank! We are delighted that you will experience the friendly hometown service that we take pride in delivering.

Changing banks can be a big decision and a real challenge. That’s why Huron Valley State Bank has designed the Easy Switch Kit to guide you step-by-step through process.

Step 1: Open your new account at Huron Valley State Bank.

Step 2: Complete the worksheet to gather all information needed to contact anyone that sends or receives automatic payments from you. (Page 5)

Step 3: Notify senders of direct deposit of your new account information. See direct deposit for a sample letter. Social Security customers need to call the Social Security administration at 1-800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov. Visit myPay if you receive payments from the military.

Step 4: Cancel any bill payment services from previous financial institution (if applicable).

Step 5: Add bill payment payees to your FREE Huron Valley State Bank Online Banking. For your convenience one of our staff members can assist you with set up.

Step 6: Close account with previous financial institution. See account closing for a sample letter.

Switch Kit FAQ’s