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Huron Valley State Bank Announces the Partnership with Country Oaks Elementary School

Huron Valley State Bank is pleased to announce the partnership with Country Oaks Elementary School for the “Bank at School” program. The bank opened for business on Friday, December 1st after a ceremonial Ribbon Cutting at 9:15 am, and will operate the first Friday of the month.  This is the fourth elementary school partnership for Huron Valley State Bank. 

“Bank at School” is modeled after the first partnership formed with Spring Mills Elementary in 2011.  In January of 2014 Johnson Elementary partnered with the bank, and in October of 2016 Heritage Elementary was the third partnership formed.  Huron Valley State Bank will work collaboratively to teach students the importance of personal financial planning and the benefits of saving.   Fifth grade students wrote essays and interviewed for positions of tellers, marketing representatives and managers and were trained for their respective roles. The student bankers will assist their fellow students with their banking transactions and oversee operations at the deposit-only bank. 

Country Oaks Elementary is a certified Leader In Me, Covey School located in Commerce. “This ties right in with the Leader In Me Program,” said Sheri Miles, Marketing Director of Huron Valley State Bank. “It teaches the students to be proactive and take initiative in planning for their future, along with learning crucial life skills”. 

“I saw firsthand how valuable this program is for the students when I was working as the Building Support Coordinator at Heritage.  One of my first projects was to bring this program to Country Oaks Elementary when I took over as Principal.  We look forward to our continued relationship and being able to give the students at Country Oaks Elementary this hands-on financial literacy program,” said Gary Hamilton, Principal of Country Oaks Elementary. 

The student bankers are as follows (and not pictured): Austin Rossetti, Branch Manager; Ben Klingbeil, Assistant Branch Manager; Faith Safiedine, Teller; Kiera Snody, Teller; Audrey Robinson, Teller; Lauren McCaul, Teller; Will Lanham, Marketing Rep; Meah Auger, Marketing Rep; Alena Tiernan, Marketing Rep; Ellie Pierson, Marketing Rep; Leah Van Ess, Marketing Rep; Isabella Boyd, Marketing Rep.

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