Payments & Disbursements

ACH Origination

Huron Valley State Bank provides the tools and knowledge that makes using Automated Clearing House (ACH) an affordable and realistic option for your company. Payments are transferred electronically, giving you control while saving your company time and money on your accounts payable. Collect or initiate payments electronically to customers, vendors, and suppliers providing your business with more accurate and timely disbursement of funds. Also, manage your payroll through direct deposit which provides increased security by eliminating check fraud and lost or stolen checks.

Direct Deposit Payroll

Direct deposit can save your employees a trip to the bank on payday and your company time and money when it comes to managing your accounts payable and employee payroll. Take advantage of increased security by eliminating check fraud and lost or stolen checks.

Positive Pay

Take advantage of one of the most effective check fraud prevention programs available. Your company and Huron Valley State Bank work together to detect fraudulent activity by identifying items presented for payment that your company did not issue.

If your company writes a large number of checks each month and/or is concerned about check fraud, Positive Pay is your solution. In the event fraud does occur, your money will be returned in a timely manner. Positive Pay provides multiple layers of security to give you peace of mind and is a sophisticated defense against check fraud and losses. In addition, errors are detected immediately, which will improve your account reconciliation process.

How It Works:

  1. Your company sends Huron Valley State Bank a check ledger via online banking on a scheduled basis
  2. Huron Valley State Bank compares the checks presented to the check issued file
  3. Any exceptions are identified and communicated to you by 10:00 am through an email alert
  4. Your company can decide whether or not to approve the payment
  5. Approved exception items are paid and unapproved items are returned

Online Bill Payment

This free service enables you to pay bills through your checking account using online banking. It's easy to use, completely secure and comes with your Huron Valley State Bank business checking account. Enjoy the convenience of making recurring payments and one time scheduled payments.