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Huron Valley State Bank Employees Give Back to the Community

Casual For A Cause Program Raises over $1,800

Once a month, Huron Valley State Bank holds a special Casual for a Cause (Jean’s Day).  This program allows employees to wear jeans in exchange for providing a donation for the designated charitable cause.  The causes are either for an individual in need or a large scale community program.  In 2017, the Casual for A Cause program raised over $1,800. 

“It is really rewarding to see the dollar amount of the contributions increase year over year,” said Nellie Corey, Customer Service Representative and director of the program. “Huron Valley State Bank is proud to help raise funds for so many deserving causes.”

The Casual for a Cause days are typically offered the last Friday of every month.  There were a couple of instances when the bank added a second Jean’s Day due to a strong need that came up within the month.  The program assists both internal Huron Valley State Bank efforts, such as special collections for partner elementary schools, food drives during the holidays, as well as a number of private individuals in need or community organizations.  

“I am really pleased that the employees rally behind such a great program.  Also I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the hard work and effort that Nellie Corey has put into this program.  Giving back to the community is just who we are at Huron Valley State Bank. This program is another way we are fulfilling our mission,” said Jack Shubitowski, President and CEO of Huron Valley State Bank.

In 2017, the bank gave to special memorial funds and personal families with a cause, including: Angel House Rescue Orphanage, Milford High School Healthy Heart, Huron Valley Optimist Club, Delta Phi Epsilon, Community Sharing, Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center, American Red Cross, Huron Valley AM Vets, Western Oakland Meals on Wheels, and a couple of private individuals in need.     



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