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Huron Valley State Bank Community Giveback Program for Seniors During Covid-19

On Thursday, April 23, Huron Valley State Bank donated a variety of shelf-stable protein products along with soup and crackers to Meals on Wheels to assist the senior community. To facilitate this program and maintain proper social distancing measures, the bank enlisted the support of other community partners. Huron Valley State Bank purchased the products from the local grocery store, Matti’s Fresh Market. Then worked closely with MiAbilities, a local non-profit to transport the items to the local field office of Meals on Wheels.

Huron Valley State Bank Raises $1,600

From Employee Driven Casual For A Cause

Once a month, Huron Valley State Bank holds a special Casual for a Cause (Jean’s Day). This program allows employees to wear jeans in exchange for providing a donation for the designated charitable need. The causes are either for an individual in need or a large-scale community program. In 2019, the Casual for A Cause program raised over $1,600.

Protect Your Account From Fraud

Keeping your accounts and information secure and confidential is one of Huron Valley State Bank’s important responsibilities. Unfortunately forged checks and debit card fraud is on the rise and hackers are becoming even more sophisticated to make unauthorized purchases or withdraw cash from your account. When your debit card is used fraudulently or a fraudster gets access to your account, the money goes missing instantly. Payments scheduled or checks mailed may bounce, and you may not be able to afford necessities. It can take a while for the fraud to be cleared up and the money restored to your account.

Huron Valley State Bank Earns Prestigious Financial Literacy Award

Huron Valley State Bank earned the Michigan Bankers Association’s (MBA) Financial Literacy Award for its work over the past several years in providing financial education to the community. The award was officially presented to bank representatives and received by Shelley Dickerson, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager at the MBA BEST Annual Conference and Trade Show on March 5th in Traverse City, Michigan.


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